Commercial and Industrial Heating

The harshness of Quebec winters demands efficient and well-maintained heating systems. As a leader for over 40 years, EPM Mecanic understands the reality of commercial and industrial companies, and relies on a team with ample experience on most systems from the majority of manufacturers.

Over the years, our technicians have faced countless problematic situations, and implemented the most suitable solutions. This hard-won experience makes our company an excellent partner.

Use our expertise to set up commercial and industrial heating systems such as central boilers, roof units and localized air units, infrared radiators, or high efficiency combustion systems.

Proper heating provides:

  • A comfortable temperature for you and your employees.
  • Optimal energy use and reduced costs.
  • Air conditioning suitable for your business or industry.

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    Ask for our preventive maintenance program and leave the regular maintenance of your heating systems with us. Enjoy a comfortable temperature, adequate heat, and efficient, reliable equipment.

    Design and

    The design and installation of heating equipment requires a qualified contractor. Count on the expertise of our tinsmith and control technicians to ensure a turnkey project, meticulous work, and quick execution.

    Automation and

    Automatic building control encompasses technologies to maximize comfort, energy efficiency, and peace of mind for building owners. EPM has the best strategies for automating your systems.


    When it comes to the maintenance and optimization of thermal systems, the industrial sector requires a special approach that only specialists in the field can bring.