Automation and Control of Your HVAC-R Equipment

Building equipment inspections are key components to the proper functioning of air conditioning, ventilation, heating, and refrigeration systems.

The main goal of our automation and control division is to reduce the number of interventions for your thermal systems, thus optimizing building operator efficiency and user comfort.

Regular air conditioning, never too cold, efficient ventilation, comfortable heating, or constant refrigeration.

A thorough inspection of your appliances also maximizes the efficiency of your thermal and air handling systems, with a view to ensure your investment return and reduce your energy costs.

The extensive knowledge of EPM Mecanic’s technical team makes it suitable for all systems regardless of manufacturer.

  • Installation and inspection service for pneumatic, electric, or electronic systems, thermostats for a specific room or a central unit managing a complete building.
  • Centralization and automation of all your systems for simple and effective management.