We’re proud of being one of the first suppliers of building services in Quebec to have developed a structure enabling the control of emissions of ozone-depleting substances (ODS). Thanks to our experience gained through the development of pilot projects with our clients and subject to Federal laws, we've been able to develop controls and monitoring systems that respect the latest standards and environmental laws. Even before our competitors were aware of the existence of future laws, our company already complied and we demanded the same from our network of subcontractors.

Building on this momentum, we've kept a lookout on new standards, whether it be the “Go Green” program, the 1987 Montreal Protocol or the new “BOMA Best” program. We make it a point to follow all these new developments. In so doing, we can join our clients and our divisions in creating projects that meet the new standards, obtaining the appropriate certification in an economical, efficient and timely manner.

For us, the environmental aspect of our industry represents several factors: the elimination of unnecessary ODS emissions, a maximum reduction of energy expenditures and the possibility to quantify and justify your ecological efforts towards your clients.

Combining all these factors will make all of us the real winners since when the environment wins, we all win.